ESG is an actively engaged investment company. We deliver results and experiences. How? Dream the impossible, seek the unknown and achieve greatness.

Founding ESG in 2005 came as a result of a collaboration between two people. One with a Business Intelligence background and the other with a global strategic-consultancy background. Our vision is inspired by our environment. This combination made it possible to develop, in less than a decade a group of companies active in 5 industries, 6 countries, with 1500 employees and 140 clients.

The best way to describe us? Entrepreneurs by heart, strategic minds and operational blood. The focus was to grow to a dynamic company, living according to 4 main rules:

  1. The only commitments we make are long term.
  2. FAIL stands for first attempt in learning.
  3. Be better than yesterday.
  4. Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

We still live according to these rules..


Our people are our greatest asset and we are very proud of them for their work ethic, their dedication and their passion, building long term relationships and going that extra mile for the clients and for us. Thank you for sharing our vision and our passion with us.


We are committed to supporting causes that matter to our clients, our employees and our communities. We aim to make a difference through corporate donations, sponsorships and the volunteer spirit of employees.