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Who we are

ESG is an actively engaged investment company. We deliver results and experiences. How? Dream the impossible, seek the unknown and achieve greatness.

Founding ESG in 2005 came as a result of a collaboration between two people. One with a Business Intelligence background and the other with a global strategic-consultancy background. Our vision is inspired by our environment. This combination made it possible to develop, in less than a decade a group of companies active in 5 industries, 6 countries, with 1500 employees and 140 clients.

Omniformgroup esg

OmniformGroup is an engineering-, and consultancy-agency. These divisions are active in raw civil engineering, infra, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process management, asset management and adjacent disciplines. OmniformGroup also supports several projects with technical staff.

OmniformGroup brings people and technique closer to improve our habitat, dissecting complex technical solutions to a human language.

The mission is to create a sustainable environment, with respect for people and the environment.

Core values are:

  • Positive , creative and flexible
  • Committed and dynamic partner
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Transparent: open communication, no secrets
  • Short lines , fast switching

InvideU is an innovation orientated company and is the founder of several new innovating companies. Basically InvideU has 4 disciplines. Atex/Inspections&engineering, Healthcare Solutions, Live Sport Streaming and Online Video Opportunities.

InvideU stands for innovation, remote viewing and data capturing. We offer real time high tech solutions that makes a direct impact on the efficiency of our clients.  The strength of InvideU is systems development, partnership and innovative strategic thinking. 

Companies like Omniworkx and YEP are founded by InvideU. Also 24Sports is one of the co-creations of InvideU.

Staffing - ESG

Staffing is an internationally based organization specialized is staffing across the borders within Europe, standing out in excellent and motivated staff for clients and the company. Staffing has a large scale of high-end clients in logistics, production and food.

Staffing is a low profile operations driven company, with a heart for every client. With extensive Business Intelligence and well maintained databases for over a decade we are able to supply highly qualified staff within hours to our clients, which gives flexibility a new dimension.

With our smart pay rolling system we are able to process data, hours, pay slips and invoices within minutes for thousands of employees.

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Our Partners

We trust in longlasting partnerships with the most important brands on the market.

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